Ditch the powerpoint, and gamify your stuff into impactful card games instead.

Get the conversation going using professional cards based tools and activities...

What do you need to get people talking about? What needs to change?

In order to solve problems you need to get people talking, and Strategy Cards most definitely get the conversation going…QUICKLY.

Maybe you need some help:

  • getting the conversation going
  • adding energy to meetings, workshops and discussions
  • keeping things on track and making sure all areas are covered
  • encouraging balanced participation from around the table
  • adding an element of fun to meetings?

Or perhaps you simply need to cut down on preparation time?

Well we’ve got some good news for you! Strategy Cards can help you to achieve all of the above.

What’s more, using the results of your discussions you can:

  • gain sharper focus on key priorities
  • capture new and exciting ideas
  • feed back into strategic documents
  • stimulate real change within an organisation.

Why Cards?

Everyone can be involved. They are a naturally engaging activity with no steep learning curve and understood by all age groups.

They get people talking and listening to each other and that’s really important to us and why we make them.