Are you playing your cards right in your business?

Get the conversation going using workplace card games...

Card games? Yep, we know. It’s not the norm. But it works.

Maybe you need some help:

  • getting the conversation going
  • adding energy to meetings, workshops and discussions
  • keeping things on track and making sure all areas are covered
  • encouraging balanced participation from around the table
  • adding an element of fun to meetings?

Or perhaps you simply need to cut down on preparation time?

Well we’ve got some good news for you! Strategy Cards can help you to achieve all of the above.

What’s more, using the results of your discussions you can:

  • gain sharper focus on key priorities
  • capture new and exciting ideas
  • feed back into strategic documents
  • stimulate real change within an organisation.

Fundamentally to solve problems you need to get people talking, and Strategy Cards most definitely get the conversation going…QUICKLY.

Browse around this website and check out the Business Series and Digital Marketing Series card games to help you unlock ideas and spark inspiration.

Why Cards?

Everyone can be involved. They are a naturally engaging activity with no steep learning curve and understood by all age groups.

They get people talking and listening to each other and that’s really important to us and why we make them.

Strategy Cards Video

Helping organisations engage people through the power of workplace card games. Helping organisations engage people through the power of workplace card games.

Organisations engage people through the power of workplace card games. Helping organisations engage people through the power of workplace card games.

Are your people engaged?

What's your gut feeling? Are you happy? Are the people around you happy in their work? Are you all aligned and going in the same direction?

If you are similar to alot of organisations in the UK right now (according to CIPD UK Working Lives Summary 2018) then nearly 50% of people in their jobs are unhappy.

It’s obvious when morale is low and engagement levels have taken a dive. Workplace relationships are strained. Communication has broken down, and you can just feel it in the air and hear it in the conversations around you. do some leaders and businesses fix low morale and engagement?

They don’t. They just leave things be. They let the cycle of high employee turnover costs increase year by year, and their positive workplace culture dwindles away to nothing.

We at Strategy Cards don’t want to see this. It’s not good for you , and it’s not good for business.

If you are a business leader, manager or trainer who doesn’t care about people or what they have to contribute, it’s probably best to part ways now.

We do care about your business relationships and the people around you.

Everyone has to have a voice. Business should be inclusive and appreciate the diversity of their workforce. And once you see how simple and effective the Strategy Cards can be to get conversations going you will wonder how you ever did without them.