We are breaking the stereotype that business is boring, difficult, and serious. 

We take serious business challenges and solve them in a visual and interactive way.  

We truly believe that the answers to things that are doing your head in and keeping you awake can be solved by asking others for help.  

But we know only too well from experience that it’s hard to ask for help especially when you are struggling. 

Our Strategy Cards® make it REALLY easy to introduce important topics with partners, teams, consultants, trainers, committees, board members and so many more.  

At the risk of sounding cheesy we want you to be the leader / dealer and deal with things by laying your cards on the table and give others a hand at the table and truly listen to potentially winning business ideas. 


We’ve been caring about, playing and sharing Strategy Cards® since 2016.

We have our own range some of which you see here, and we are also pleased to have made thousands of bespoke cards for schools, universities, distilleries, lawyers, councils, foodbanks, nutritionists, environmental consultants and many more.

We were very proud to win Most Enterprising Business, and Most Inspirational Member in the Moray Business Woman Awards in 2017. A finalist for Most Enterprising Business in the Association of Scottish Business Women Awards in 2018 and Finalist in Moray Chamber of Commerce Awards 2019




My background experience and work interests lie in staff development, management and training.  

I have owned and run several businesses over the last 18 years. Starting out working on my own as an optometrist, and laterally branching out into a corporate high street franchise.

I used to hate how it took me hours and sometimes days of my personal time to create engaging materials for my colleagues and employees to use and learn with in work. Plus holding meetings and delivering training, in particular, could sometimes be a thankless task.    

I knew that my team were often best placed with how to solve business problems because they were the ones on the front line and directly customer facing. However, admitting that I needed help to see things clearly, when things were stressful wasn’t always easy to do.

I always wished that there was something that I could pick up and use straight away without a lot of time reading books, researching stuff online, and then having to make it look half decent on powerpoint.  

Fast forward to over 40 card sets later, some amazing clients, and an increasingly complex world, our aim is to make easy, cost-effective, valuable tools, that business leaders, and people managers can simply ‘pick up and do’ 

I am very passionate about working with Strategy Cards to help businesses empower their staff, involve their employees, listen to their team, and all in such a simple and fun way-game playing!

Over the years, I have worked in a variety of organisations from very large to very small. With each workplace, I have grown to realise the strength and truth in the concept that as human beings we need to feel appreciated, and when we do feel appreciated we will always do more than is expected in return.

 “…a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.” H.Jackson 

I have always had a good rapport with the staff I have worked with and made many great friends, in so many cases the workplace stresses/unhappiness that there were could have been so quickly resolved with appreciation and that small but hugely influential word ‘thanks’ from bosses/managers. 


We first connected with Women’s Business Station when it started out as the Coca Cola 5by 20 Initiative. 

Angie De Vos and Michelle Almeida and their team have big hearts, and big ambitions for Scotland summed up by three key themes. Training. Trading and Talent.

We are pleased that they will be supporting us in delivering Strategy Cards Workshops and Events.

If you want to connect please find their website at www.businessstation.co.uk


We have discovered over the last few years that there are people who ‘get’ what we do and then there are people that ‘really get’ what we do.  

If you are one of those people whose frontal matter is pinging and think that you have skills that could benefit our organisation, please capture our attention and ping over something creative to: hello@strategycards.co.uk.