Are they card games?

We often get asked if they have to be called card games, and the answer is no they don’t. 

Some leaders, managers and trainers jump at chance to call them card games as that fits the demographic they are working with, whilst others prefer to use the Strategy Cards as activities, tools, or interactive exercises.

Some of our customers have had concerns in the past, where they have said the people that they work for at are very high level and will see it as silly and won’t appreciate playing games.

From our experience in this scenario, we would recommend introducing the topic eg marketing as a ‘new activity to spark discussion on the topic of marketing’, and get the participants started and more often than not give them a bit of time to warm up and they will have come around to the idea of it being like a card game themselves.

Card games is just the mode of delivery, it’s the conversation that surrounds it that matters.

Calendar Games

These be ‘Calendar orientated games’ where cards are placed into monthly sets, so that you can visually see where you want to plan out your year. Here’s an example from Social Media Content cards

Matrix Games

In these activities, cards are placed in a matrix style and you place cards on the matrix in order of priority or relevance.

Collecting Games

Similar to classic card games that you probably already know; hands of cards are collected by the participants and discussed and then prioritised .

Brainstorming & Mind mapping

One card placed in the middle as the topic for discussion and other cards, or sticky notes placed around it.

Flipping Games

Cards laid out on the table and turn cards over one by one

In line with our values of keeping things simple, we keep the cards and the games that way too. Each Strategy Cards® pack will have its own unique way to be played, and instructions included. We have formed a Facebook group and if you would like to be an early bird member of this Facebook Group, join us here.